Rough Day for Men

Rough Day


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Paycheck bounced
owners missing
bills to pay
nobody listening.

Server down
emails lost
coffee maker broke
angry boss.

New owners
new boss
new layoffs
who gets tossed?

Password lost
can't log in
project stalled
once again.

Car won't start
dog won't play
kids home sick
cat ran away.

Philip Goutell
Philip Goutell Signature

Rough Day was re-imagined in 2022. Not that the original was was simply (in the creator's mind) bland. At first a few simple tweaks were tried but it seemed that more dramatic changes were in order. Rough Day 2022 is a new fragrance and it comes with a more dramatic personality. Rough Day 2022 offers up a large dose of pure Myrrh essential oil decorated with notes of Carnation and Rosemary. Rough Day 2022 comes in a 2-ounce spray, unboxed. It can help sooth your rough days.