Unnatural Aromas
Beautiful scents that go beyond nature!

Enchanting, captivating, unnatural beauty. These are some of the words that have been used to describe fragrances from our 'unnatural aromas' collection.

Unisex Fragrances

$timeout fragrance Mimosa unisex fragrance

Fragrances for Men

Each of these original fragrances for men was developed with the idea of offering an alternative to the common fragrance themes for men. Some are liked immediately by all; others are an acquired taste. All provide a high degree of early morning stimulation you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Blackberry fragrance for men Xotic fragrance for men Rough Day for men Dirty Water Reflects

Women's Perfumes

This collection of fragrances for women is less radical than my creations for men but each is distinguished by an intensity not generally found in better known brands. This is a great opportunity for you to flaunt bold scents when you're in that "get in everyone's face" mood.

Summer Air Confusion II Mimosa Manama

Solid Perfumes

Sample our fragrances with these solid perfumes, just $2.99 each. Discount when you buy two or more. You can mix and match for your discount.

Xotic solid perfume Summer Air solid perfume Manama solid perfume Blackberry solid perfume
Philip Goutell
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These original fragrances are produced in small batches. When we run out of a fragrance, I may not produce more depending on what materials I have on hand and whether the exact original materials are still available. Surface shipping by USPS only (no Priority or Express Mail) and, sorry, no international orders due to shipping restrictions. Thank you for your interest.