Blackberry for men


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Woody delights to wake and refresh mingled with woodland florals and just the faintest hint of the thorny blackberry bush. Featured notes include black pepper, cinnamon bark, sandalwood, and florals.

Also available as a solid perfume.

Philip Goutell
Philip Goutell Signature

When I started making my own fragrances from oils I had developed and produced myself, Blackberry was among my first creations. It has been called "an acquired taste" — a comment which is true for all my men's fragrances — but I continue to offer it and use it myself. I enjoy the relief it gives from the sickly sweet fragrances women continue to purchase for their men.

You can get the idea of Blackberry by sampling it as a solid perfume but the solid, in my opinion, is but a weak representation of the "real" Blackberry found here.