Summer Air perfume

Summer Air

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There's a sharp note of clove here that was inspired by a walk past a bush by our summer house. It was a one time experience. I'm told that the bush I thought I was smelling could never have given off that scent. So was it all in my head? Did I just imaging this aroma? I don't know ... but the aroma of 'Summer Air' replicates that scent — or vision.

Notes include clove, jonquil, lily of the valley, tuberose, black pepper, and orange flower.

Also available as a solid perfume.

Philip Goutell
Philip Goutell Signature

I have often experienced that Summer Air clove note when walking past our garden in Canada. My wife doesn't seem to smell it, but we each have a quite different sense of smell. One funny piece of feedback I goton this fragrance (from a Canadian) was that the 'summer air' in his city (Toronto?) didn't smell at all like this perfume!