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Philip Goutell

You have come to the e-commerce outlet for the fragrances I have created for my company, Lightyears, Inc.

Our office and studios are located at 183 Walnut Street in Walden, New York. You can discover more about our company at our other websites, and

The fragrances found at this website are my own creations. Judge them as you will.

To me, perfume has the ability to restore inner balance, improve mental outlook, and give moments of joy daily.

the scent of the day
Scent of the Day

For my own pleasure, I have on my desk a simple rock with a hole drilled into it that holds a test blotter dipped in the "fragrance of the day." Some days it will be a classic fragrance from the distant past. Other days it will be one of the fragrances offered here. Today, through this website, you have the opportunity to share these pleasures.

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Philip Goutell
Lightyears, Inc.